Baby Room

Our little ones are cared for in a brand new baby room, which is rich in natural light as well as being cosy and warm. Our babies benefit from a calming environment, full of resources which feed their curious young minds as well as practitioners who are highly qualified and experienced to tend to their needs. There is a sensory area to encourage exploration, a “cosy corner” for relaxing or looking at books, and space for our babies to explore and play with various resources. We recognize leaving your baby for the first time can be daunting so we ensure our baby room staff are not only well qualified but passionate and experienced in caring specifically for under 2’s.

There is a Nappy Change area, where babies are changed and nappies and wipes are stored, clearly named. Cots are also provided for your baby to sleep and we provide each baby with their own set of bedding. We request no shoes in the baby room as the must be kept clean and hygienic for our babies to crawl on. Food can be provided by parents, or we can appropriately blend the meals on our own menu. We will ensure all parents fill in a routine sheet so babies routines can be kept to as similar as possible at home. Our babies take part in a range of activities to promote their development including sensory sessions, messy play, creative activities, outdoor time, Makaton and Rhyme time and lots more.